Under the Table
I was having breakfast with my Machu, my five year old brother.

After mopping up some sausage and eggs, he grabs some chips from the fridge, and disappears. "Where'd you go, Matt?" I ask

Then I hear a voice from under the table, "I like playing sports."

I look under, and I find Machu. "You call that a sport?" I ask him.

"Yeah, Hide and Seek!".


I had a nightmare recently. I was browsing through old photographs wherein everybody's backs were turned except mine. I try asking people why that was the case, but they don't know, they only give me blank looks.

Then i realized I was dead, a ghost.

Ala Sixth Sense meets the Others. Scared the bejeezus out of me.

Would've continued screaming in my dream if I wasn't woken up by my cellphone ringing :O


There's this new metal band I'm sessioning for. Ala Perfect Circle with a babe on drums instead of bass. Wednesday at Mag:net, Fort. Thursday at Al's bar, BF. Chickit out XD


I climbed a friggin' mountain yesterday.

My band will shoot our video there.

I am very, very psyched about this. Booyah. 



This post made me realize I have A.D.D.


I Love This Band

Stop HIV Campaign

Winning entry for the 2007 Stop HIV Awareness Campaign video contest - sponsored by Victoria Court. Booyah!

Special thanks to Ian King for hooking us up with this gig (again!), as well as the following fantastic people who helped in making the video:

Nicole Asensio
Chiara Cui
Carina Larsson
Love Nakagawa
Liana Recto

The competition was pretty stiff though... and interesting video entry made use of egg puppets and Diego Mapa singing a "spread the love" song.

The awarding ceremony and the grand prize package was sahweeeeeet - including limited edition Red Motorola Razr's designed to help campaign against HIV in Africa, trips to Boracay, tons of gift cheques and other goodies.

Not  bad for 5 days of work XD

Musiklaban 2007 - Back Home from Slaying Dragons
It feels sooo good to be home.
3 nights at hotel motel Sogo was wild. They had mirrors on the ceiling. Nice touch.
The Musiklaban organizers this year weren't very good at doing their jobs though.
1.) Transportation was always late -> which stressed out Anton, our current manager, beyond his wits.
2.) The event ended 5am, and we were expected to get up and record a track for the "Musiklaban 2007 compilation CD" at 12 noon. The organizers even CALLED our manager at 11am, telling him that there was no transpo, and that he'll have to drive us.
3.) Leading us to CONTRACTS...NONE of the contestants were briefed beforehand about contracts/waivers/legal documents and what they meant for the artists. Viva records basically owns you for at least 3 years if you win (have you heard of ANY of the bands that won Musiklaban in the past? I haven't. Except maYbe Mayonnaise...). The band also has to give up full management to the Label, which kinda peeved us.
And if you don't win? They still have you tied for a year :O

But enough ranting.

is definitely
a good feeling
to be home.

...rushing up the metal staircase, damp with rainwater drizzling from a sky swollen with Earth's teardrops.
The stage is colossal...
It wasn't seeing the massive crowd moving to your songs.
It wasn't the reassuring words from your most respected heroes in local music. 
It wasn't the giant cheques, the photographers, the lights nor the cameras...
It was the band, huddling the final night before the main battle.
We've gone through a lot of shit together. 
We've gone through some pretty great times as well - In such a short amount of time.
We've become - in every sense of the word - a family.
It's pretty scary in a strange way...
How lucky i am to have a frontwoman with enough stage presence, vocal power and looks to make even the ladies weak in the knees...
A highly respected legend-level guitar master on one hand,
an absolutely brilliant song-writing-genius guitarist on the other..
and a truly solid drummer with MAD skills - the older bother I never had.
Huddled in prayer that night, we promised - No matter what happens... 

                                                                                                     We'll rip that stage apart and blow their minds to kingdom come...
And we did.

Rockin' our souls out to the biggest crowd, on the biggest  stage I've ever played on, was reward enough.
We didn't sign any of the waivers/contracts/etc. which might have cost us victory... but we don't mind :) 
Congratulations to Gayuma, the 2007 Musiklaban Grand Finals Champion, and the other finalists - Mental Floss, MRPD, Dogfight... every band that went up on stage ripped it hard and represented the Right to Rock.

The music scene in this country is truly exploding.

It was around 9 years ago when i dragged my parents to the music store, and first picked up the sunburst black and orange Fender Squire Jazz Bass from the display stand. 

9 years later, I'm still totally mental about jamming. 

I guess it is
and always will be 
all about the music, baby.

My Demo Reeeeeel

Video + Editing by yours truly. Music by Fran Lorenzo

Bits and pieces from my video classes in college. Hopefully this helps me score a steady job :O


It's been a while since i've been truly struck by a band. This is my attempt at a music review:

Notes Do All the Talking
A Brief Review on Toe

This Japanese instrumental band takes all the rules of traditional rock music - and throws it out the window.
Toe takes your regular sunny day tunes, and injects it with doses of drama and grand aural theatrics without the need for words.

Unusually pleasant time signatures, beat changes, and a unique sound filled out by the sonic guitars, the melodic walking basslines, and a truly maveric mastro of a drummer are the main ingredients for this band. The spotlight shines on the beat crafting conductor, the band does an excellent job of allowing the drummer to go...totally mental. We truly love those fills and embellishments.

Don't expect any catchy hooks. Each song is an ethereal emotional experiment in time.

Music is what music does, and Toe's music does it's job of making you feel great.

I'd like some fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?

I've moved residence to Multiply. Put up shop on Myspace. Even joined Facebook just a while ago because a whole shitload of people have been nagging me to.

But Livejournal. Ahhh yes. LJ always holds a special place in my cheesy nostalgic heart. No thinking about pageviews here. If you affected someone with your words, comments would bring you a fuzzy feeling inside. Don't deny it XD

The following have some esoteric bits and pieces that probably make sense ony to me. But hey, that's the reason I joined Livejournal in the first place, eh?

self-serving entries. it's a fuckin' thrill.

On life:

I'm done wrestling. I think I'll just cruise and catch a long ride for now.


On freedom:

It almost seems like a faint memory...How it was to completely share a life with someone.

Being a lone ranger, wolf prowler, ninja slinger is always an adventure. But this cowboy wants something more substantial. Something that could be truly great.


On my mood:

sound of rain
never fails to sooth
weary soul


On DVD's I just watched:

The Fountain: I was left with a lot of questions. But the visuals were fuckin' trippy.

24 Hour Party People: awesome awesome awesome. I want to show this to my band.

Weeds: I'm on season one. Good stuff. I want some chronic sooo bad.

Final Exhibit!
This is gonna be off the hook XD

Checkout our final Multimedia exhibit MLOKAL!

TONIGHT! August 25 @
The Fort, Taguig
(near McDonald's)

featuring the works of:

Daniel Barangan
Kenneth David
Martin de Gusman
Vince Gomez
Io Mendoza
Alfred Paragas
JM Quiblat
Marc Ruiz

Bands start around 10pm. Crowjane, Sleepwalk Circus, Severo, Peacepipe, Airport Drama and Kinkyhooters are playing XD

*more details at our website http://www.mlokal.com

Free entrance. very very chill atmosphere. The food last night was absolutely delicious, tonight we're doubling the capacity and adding tons of booze.

ALL FREE baby ;)

Check it oooout!

Suicide at Taft
*From my Multiply. News reporters from The LaSallian might want to check the pictures out. Let me know if you want to use them.

August 22. Was on the way to meet up with some friends at Kassel, along Taft, when I noticed that a large crowd was blocking my way into the condominium.

Turns out a young man jumped from what appeared to be the top floor, breaking the power lines on his way down - causing a blackout in the building.

I remembered having my camera, and started shooting on instinct.

Kassel seems to be a popular site for jumpers - another suicide happened at the same site just a few months ago, according to residents.

Funny that nobody really did anything but watch. Policemen kept the crowd back (then just stood there), passers-by stopped, even whole families gathered around... like they were all watching TV. Except this was the real deal.


Showband vibes, pare :P


We're playing Capones tonight if anyone's in the area XD it'll be my first time there!

It's some event where the girls get locks, and the guys get keys. Yihee.

Deep down inside, you know you wanna go ;)

Storm's Eye
I'm in the depths of Deadline Hell right now. Mostly school-related, as this is my last term.

*crossing fingers*

Despite the growing pile of tasks to accomplish - i'm in a pretty chill state right now.

Yessir, I'm on a cloud.

I've recently evicted some old skeletons gnawing at my insides, bonded with some old friends, and connected with some amaaaazing new people.

As a tradeoff to the fantastic state of my personal life, the twin beasts of Reality and Responsibility are rearing their ugly heads. I must get into form and beat them back, soon!

I'll be floating with a detached smile, but with alertness in my eyes, if you see me.



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